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Wilbert Harris Video


Video Collection of

Kansas City's Talent and

K-City Records' Connections


        Kansas City's Legends and Stars of Fame


Some of the musicians you will see in the videos left Kansas City to pursue their careers. They became quite successful and are now recognized worldwide. Those who are no longer with us will not be forgotten. Their music is still here for all to enjoy, and we know as long as there is music, they will be remembered.

Notice the excitement and energy these musicians create while performing! It is real and can only be rated as incredible, spontaneous, high energy, and very explosive. It is truly a great honor to have such a wide variety of musicians displayed on this website. They're producing Blues, Jazz, R & B, Hip hop and Rap; they have rocked audiences and laid the foundation for the Kansas City music scene today. And I might add, "The Best Is Yet To Come."





Heritage and Legends

Come Together

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The Visitors featuring Eugene Smiley

The Visitors

Mel Britt of The Visitors





Clyde Them & Her


Creg Linsey


James Gatson

Jay McShann

Bill Withers & James Gatson

Lester "Duck" Warner


James Gatson

Ricky Dotson

James Gatson

Priscilla Bowman, “Hands Off”

 King Alex

Lester King

Millage Gilbert

Eugene Smiley & 10 yr old Sha lee

Cotton Candy & So Many Men


Marva Whitney

The Chanderliers

Eugene Smiley, Sr & 11yr. old Sha Lee

Tommy and The Derbys

Little Hatch & The Houserockers

Frankie Lee

James Gilbert

Little Hatch & The Houserockers

Ricky Dotson

A Taste Of Jazz

The Kansas City Musicians Gathering and Photo Shoot

January 31, 2011