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  1. How Long

From the recording How Long

This song touches my heart. When I think back to slavery times in this country, the hatred that still lies in the hearts of some individuals who refuse to recognize the black man as an equal. When I think about the progress and contributions blacks have provided to the world in every aspect of life, including "The President Of The United States Of America" I was inspired to write this story, which is only my version and ideas put to music.
Please, I don't mean to offend anyone or hurt any feelings, but our history and buried history that has begun to resurface tells us of the things that happened in the past and how blacks were treated. It's hard to accept and equally embarrassing, but it is true.
How can we forget? Is this time in history still important? Yes, as long as there are hate groups. This song was written to give the younger generation an idea of what we have gone through. How blacks and other minority groups not only in the south but all over the country were treated. Man's cruel ways of thinking, teaching and unfounded beliefs. Hopefully in time the true understanding for all mankind will override the old ways of thinking and judging. Someday it will come to pass. And one day man will come to realize that no man stands alone and all men are created equal.

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How Long
From the beginning when God made man,
One day he cried out over and over again,
Oh how long must I suffer?
How long must I feel the pain?
God gave me the strength to stand on my own.
He gave me knowledge and a will to be strong.
But there were some other men with evil ways.
They put me in shackles and made me a slave.
As I look at the people, all I could see
Was a world full of sorrow and filled with greed.
I could hear them talk; I could hear what they say.
That’s when I fell down on my knees and I began to pray.
There is so many people out here, they don’t seem to know
It’s the same old hatred that we’ve had before.
As I looked into the future, everyday I face the rising sun,
I’ll still be the victim until the hatred’s gone.
Oh, how long must I suffer?
Somebody tell me, how long must I feel the pain?
Now one of these old days things is gonna change.
No more suffering, Lord no, and it ain't gon be no more pain.
I’m gonna rise up; I’m gonna rise up you ’al.
Thank God Almighty the world has finally made a change.
I’m gonna speak out, I'm gonna speak out you ’al.
Everybody’s gonna be a witness,
Lord and everybody’s gonna sing.
I’m gonna rise up.