1. Voodoo Woman

From the recording Voodoo Woman

I was Playing at the King Biscuit Blues Festival In 1995 and I ran into a woman that seem to have some kind of magic or powers. She and I were talking and I was telling help some of my problems which turned out to be a big mistake. After having conversation with her she let me know what was on her mine. She's looking for a good man. I started backing off real fast. The woman weight must have been about 250 lbs. Now that is just too much woman for me. She gave me a little black bag that had some seeds in it and told me that this is a portion that would keep me safe and no harm would come to me while I was on the road. Well, when I left Helena, Arkansas, all hell broke loose. I couldn't get away from her. She came to most of my gigs, call three or four times a day and even came to Kansas City to visit with me. I tried to tell her this is not going to work, and that I could not love her. This went on for quite some time. I was playing in New Orleans and I was talking to another musician that lived there, and I was telling him my problem. He took me to this old man, 89 years old and had me tell him my problem. The old man gave me a "stay away portion" told me to go to church and on a daily basis keep this portion in my pocket. After a few months the Voodoo Woman stop calling and coming around. Now behind that experience, I decided to write a song about it.

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Voodoo Woman
I got a Voodoo Woman.
This I know, she's been following me around everywhere I go.
I found a black cat bone down by my feet.
And ever since then, something's been wrong with me.
I believe that Voodoo Woman whipped her spell on me.
Every time I look around her face is all I see.
I went to the Witch Doctor.
Hear what he had to say.
I told him bout the Voodoo Woman, she just want go away.
Now I believe she's got me under her spell,
Because when I try to find me a lover, she can always tell.
That Voodoo Woman whipped her spell on me.
Every time I look around, her face is all I see.
Now here's what you got to do.
Now Sunday morning go to Sunday school
And ask the teacher about the golden rule.
When Monday comes and you're feeling hurt,
Forget about the pain and go on to work.
Tuesday morning, if you feel the same,
Just get on up and do the same thing.
Wednesday evening and you're still a mess,
The worst is over, now you can get some rest.
Now Thursday night and you're feeling all right,
Something’s changed, you finely see the light.
When Friday come and sun is high in the sky,
You’ll be all right by the time the eagle fly.
Saturday night, time will tell
if that Voodoo Woman's done lost her spell.
By Sunday morning should be the end,
And if that don't work, start all over again.
That Voodoo Woman whipped her spell on me.
Every time I look around her face is all I see.