From the recording Straighten Up Woman

Once there was a young lady that I lived with and at first I really thought I was in love. Well, as time passed, I really got know this beautiful young sexy thing and I come to realize that she was not ready to be faithful and true to one man. She was a player from the heart. I was just a victim that got burned. That one was costly and embarrissing. When I got out of that relationship, I was very careful about the women that I allowed to get close to my heart. Remember, "Beauty Is only Skin Deep". It took me a while to learn that.

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Straighten Up Woman
You lay around my house all day long. You do nothing but talk on the telephone.
When I gave you the money to pay the rent, you come back two days later
And ain't got a red cent.
Listen here woman, hear every word I say. If you don't straighten up,
I'm gonna send your way.
A good time reputation is something I just can use.
So get yourself together and stop acting like a fool.
You've been sneaking all over town and telling all your friends
That you're gonna put me down.
You came home this morning after being out all night.
You tried to tell me that the party was out of sight.
But I found out, it’s coming to the light.
There is something about your story that doesn’t seem right.
If you don't straighten up, I gonna send you on your merry way