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  1. Love Sensation

From the recording Love Sensation

This is a simple love song.

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Love Sensation
Say you want me to love you.
Say you gonna treat me right.
Say we get together.
Say you'll be mine tonight.
This love sensation that's come over you,
These love vibrations, girl I feel the same way too.
Say you think we can make it.
Say you want to spend some time.
Say you want to make me happy.
Say you want to blow my mine.
How long did it take to get together?
Say you gonna love me forever and ever.
Say you're gonna remember.
Say that I'm the only man.
Say that it's satisfying.
When making love begins?
Say we'll never be lonely.
Say you'll never make me blue.
Say you love me only.
I say I feel the same way too.