From the recording Someone To Love

I remember my early years in college. I worked an evening job and went to school during the day. There were so many pretty girls there and none of them seemed to pay any attention to me. I was too shy to approach any of them, so I had to learn the hard way. It took me a while to build up enough nerve to talk to them. Soon I got over my fears and shyness, but, it took a while. My uncle asked me about the girls at school and I didn't want to discuss the matter but I ended up telling him the whole story. He laughed at me and told me to wake up. He told me, "Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream." So I decided to write about it in this song.


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Someone To Love
The morning sun starts a new day.
As time passes on, it fades away.
My heart cries out I’m a lonely man.
I’m searching for love where ever I can.
I’m looking for a lover.
I’m looking for someone to love.
My heart cries out
I’m looking for someone to love.
My heart is weak and it’s not so strong.
I’m hoping and praying today she will come.
Playing around is a foolish game.
Because nothing is there if you still feel the same.
A man in love has so much to share.
But with out love, he don’t seem to care.
If a man never falls in love,
It’s only himself that he’s thinking of.
My heart reaches out looking for someone to love.
People let me tell you my heart reaches out,
Looking for someone to love.