1. Help Me

From the recording Help Me

I was playing at the "Inferno Show Lounge" here in Kansas City one night and a woman who was there came up to the stage, looked at me and gave me a message. The message read, "You Know You Love Me." I'd never seen her before in my entire life. When we took our break, she approached me again and I told her, you must have me mixed up with someone else. I tried to get rid of her. After the gig and upon arriving home, about 2:30 in the early morning, I heard my door bell ring. At this time of morning, I was wondering: who could be ringing my bell? So I peeped out the window and there was this same woman that had talked to me in the club. This time she had something in her hand, it looked like a gun, I couldn't really tell. So I decided to play it safe and call the police and leave. I never answered the door; I just left through the back door and then called the police. I don't know what her problem was but she scared the hell out of me. That incident remained in my mine for a long time. I'm much older now and these things don't happen anymore. So I decided to write a song about it. What an experience that was.


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Help Me
A woman called me – the other night.
She told me something - I didn’t like.
Didn’t pay no attention – to what she said.
Next thing I knew – she was ringing my bell.
Went to the window – so I could see
If  that woman – looking for me.
Lighten up – don’t understand
Why that woman’s got a gun in her hand.
Somebody help me – help me save the day.
Somebody help me – I got to get away
I started running – out the back door.
And left the message I don’t live here no more.
I don’t remember – nothing at all.
Why this woman – is all pissed off.
Might have a situation, everybody’s getting high.
And it’s her imagination, my situation, love communications,
She’s got it going on.
Now tell me something – what would you do
a strange woman – chasing after you?
Lighten up – and get back.
I’m sorry baby – it ain't like that.
Give me a break – you made a mistake.
Give me a break – you made a mistake