From the recording Blues This Morning

This is the story of a drunk that is wondering why his woman left him. He's got every reason to have the worst case of the blues. I wished him good luck. Don't blame her. It was his drinking that ran her away weather she has another man or not. This is good drinking blues for individuals having that problem. Think about! Who would want to spend their time with someone that is drunk all the time? Would you? It's only a matter of time until you feel you can't take anymore -- unless you're a drunk too. Then, it may work out fine.


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My baby left me this morning.
I couldn’t understand.
I ask her why she’s leaving.
She said she’s found another man
I got the blues this morning people.
I got the blues you all and it’s worrying me.
Lord, I got the blues so bad.
Now my heart is in misery.
Now I’m alone and broken hearted.
And I just can’t seem to find my way.
My whole world has ended people.
And it must be the price I have to pay.
I’ve been thinking about it people.
Being here all by myself.
My mind tells me one thing.
But my heart tells me something else
Vamp on chorus::