From the recording A Real Good Sign

This song relates to another song, “Ooh Baby” which is on this CD.
I remember a long time ago, I was standing on the corner of 24th and Michigan Avenue here in Kansas City. I was talking to some friends. Not really doing anything but wasting time. There was a girl that had recently moved into the neighborhood. Until that particular day I had never seen before. She was very pretty and sexy. She was someone I really wanted to get to know. I didn't want to come on too strong so I kind of gradually closed in on her as a friend and later on we became really close. I think I fell in love the very first time I saw her. She stole my heart right from the start. That kind of relationship is what this song is all about. I enjoy writing these kind of songs.
In addition to what was written above, I might add, I had to come up with a conversation that was strong enough to at least get her attention. This is a remake of me letting this girl know what was on my mind and trying not to come on too strong. When the truth came out, it was the other way around. You've heard the story of "The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game." Well, she put the bait out there, hooked me and reeled me in. It was she that whipped the game on me. In this case "What you see is what you get." another phrase is "Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.
" It's all good


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That’s A Real Good Sign
Do you know how much I want you?
You’re always on my mind.
Do you know you knock my off my feet,
Cold chills run up and down my spine.
Every time you get close to me,
I get a feeling that I can’t explain.
I get the strangest feeling
All the time.
And that’s a real good sign.
A real good sign.
To be with you would be so nice
‘Cause I want you to be my girl.
Spend some time, just you and me
So we can fall in love.
I know because you stole my heart
I got a feeling that I can’t explain.
I need you right here with me
All the time.
And that’s a real good sign.
A real good sign.
You’re the one, so think it over.
I’m a lucky man, you’re my four leaf clover.
Take a chance and you will see
That’s the way that it ought to be.
My heart reaches out to you
All the time.
And that’s a real good sign.
A real good sign.
 So think it over ‘cause that’s a real good sign.
A real good sign.