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KCRI History In Motion 


K-CITY RECORDS' History in Motion


Every few months, K-City Records will announce a choice featured name and/or spot in Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas to share a bit of K-City history with you. Ourshowcasestoptodayisthe Original Up-beat Tempo Rocker, Priscilla Bowman.

Priscilla Bowman (May 30, 1928 – July 24, 1988) was a soulful American Jazz and Rhythm and Blues singer and this is part of her illustrious story:

During the early fall of 1955, Vee-Jay Records president Jimmy Bracken was very enthusiastic…

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Blues and R&B Lovers 

To All the Blues Lovers     A brief message from Eugene Smiley    

First let me say; I'm very glad you stopped by to visit I'm the person responsible for bringing K-City Records back to life. K-City Records Inc. was active back in the 1970s. After the disco period, we backed off and became idle until now. I'm retired now and I don't travel as much, so I now have the required time needed to devote to K-City Records Inc.

Some of the musicians in the Kansas City area have given me the…

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