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Welcome to KCity Records Inc. (KCRI), located in Kansas City, Missouri. We are an independent record label company dedicated to the service of providing excellent music to as many listeners as possible.

We are especially delighted to be part of Kansas City's music scene. The city known for producing some of the finest Blues, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, and Gospel tracks of all time! KCity Records have been playing Worldwide/Globally for more than 35 years. For more information, go to Chat Forums/Play List. 

Our outreach however is not limited solely to local recording artists. Here at KCRI, we offer songs from a large variety of performers, both regional and national. We also cover the many different styles of those beloved artists from yesteryear to date.


Radio Airtime

As a growing company, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the industry's newest technological advances. Within our site, you'll find the sounds are of a hi-fi quality, products are easy to download, and the mainstream is clear and at all times uninterrupted.

At KCity Records, Inc., we fully understand how important radio airtime exposure is. KCRI is committed to gaining and growing radio exposure for all of our artists. From internet radio to global stations, from airplay to publicity, KCRI continues to build partnerships and opportunities for our artists to be heard worldwide. KCRI joins our artists with radio industry professionals worldwide including promotional and VIP partnerships. KCRI runs globalized advertising campaigns for our artists to gain greater exposure in order to reach mainstream music markets.


Midwest Entertainment and Attractions

A KCity Records Junction

KCity Records’ Midwest Entertainment and Attractions is the best way to book fabulous artists and performers in the Midwest. We have a selective group of talented musicians and singers who are ready to perform for just about any occasion.  Learn more about Midwest Entertainment and Attractions under KC Links  today!


Store Buys

In addition to meeting industry standards, we've made it easy and affordable to Buy/Purchase our Products On-line. You may order through mail, download an entire CD or even download a single song from a wide selection of singles available. We will be adding new releases to our playlist continually and throughout the year, so look forward to viewing an all-encompassing song list to choose from. As a show of thanks to the consumer, we will frequently be discounting prices on certain items, with random free download offers.

Want to have a blast from the past? We've made it easy for you to step back in time by way of hyperlinks that will instantly take you there. All you have to do is go to the "Buy" page, scroll down to the bottom of each song and check the songs you want. As you journey through the KCRI site, check out the, "Heritage and Legends Come Together” section. This is where you’ll have opportunity to become a part of Kansas City's history and enjoy live performances from old school cats like Clyde Them and Her, Unidos, and Crayge Lindesay, to name a few; You will see how James Gatson, Jay Mcshann, Bill Withers, and Lester "Duck" Warner performed while they were playing live, and; You will also be able to hear some of the greatest music ever recorded from our "KCity Records Rare Soul Music Collection." Some of this music has never been released or played on radio! What a treat, right?! This is some of the greatest music of the late seventies.




The KCRI Pledge

Our commitment to excellence will not allow anything less than the best. This is why we strive to offer a wide, diverse selection of songs to our viewers. And you can’t beat the reasonably low rates! Our goal is to make your listening experience as enjoyable and exciting as possible.

Thank you for visiting us at KCity Records Inc. We look forward to serving you as our valued customers.