What's Come Over Me

Eugene Smiley Sr.
Eugene Smiley Sr.


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What’s Come Over Me?


I use to play round with all the girls in town.

I didn’t know what was going down.

To my surprise the little girl opened my eyes.

I fell in love and changed my whole life style.


I know it ain't right staying out all night.

I’d rather be kissing and holding you tight.

I’m so serious ‘bout everything I do.

I’m gonna make sure nothing happens to you.



What’s come over me? Well the little girl’s got a hold on me.

We’re in love and that’s the way it’s going to be.


You’re so wonderful, honey, you’re so sweet.

I’m gonna keep you happy - you mean everything to me.

Our love will last until time has come to pass.

You’re the only girl and I know that it’s gonna last.



You’re so wonderful, honey, you’re sweet.

Ha, little girl you mean everything to me.

Ha ha, I know it’s gonna last.



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