Eugene Smiley Sr.
E.Smiley/ P.Bowman


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Taking me for granted is something I just don’t understand.

You expect so much.

Don’t seem to have the time, got so much on your mind,

And I feel I’m all alone.

You’ve forgotten who I am, how we started, the things we said and did.


Tears on my pillow and there’s a pain in my heart.


You used to call me your sweet honey baby. We use to dance and make romance, and laugh and talk all night. Oh yes we did baby.

Yeah, the way you use to hold me and kiss me and let me know you care.

I’ve been waiting patiently for words you used to say.




I’ve been alone for such a long time because you seem so hard to find, yeah.

Praying one day, praying one day you’ll look my way.

And hoping you’ll have the right words to say. Ah yeah.

Girl you took my heart, girl you know you took my soul, yeah.



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