Last Time

Eugene Smiley Sr.
Eugene Smiley Sr.


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Last Time


Deep in my heart, I never felt this way before.

You came in my life and now you’re not here anymore.

I’m so afraid to give you my love.

Here you are again begging like you did before.



This the last time, this is the last time baby,

This the last time I’ll give in to you.


Well, baby, too many years, to many lies, too many tears.

So many times you made me cry; you with all your alibis.

You’re the one, who broke my heart,

Tearing me up inside.



I gave you my heart. I gave you my soul.

I gave you something more precious than gold.

I can’t help the way I feel, wondering if your love is real.

I’m so afraid you’ll leave again,

My mind wants to run but my heart holds me still.




So once again I just might take you back.

But this time baby, I ain't gonna fall for that.

I’m sure that you’ll agree; we must go on.

One day you might see you meant the world to me.


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