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Eugene Smiley Sr.
Eugene Smiley Sr.


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Family Tree


My grandma didn’t lie when she told me what she told me

‘Bout what happened yesterday.

She said, “life is what you make it, don’t try to fake it.

Hear every word I say.

‘Cause your daddy didn’t make it, he couldn’t take it.

He finely ended up in jail.”

He only knew a child was born and I was his only son.



My grandma didn’t lie. My grandma didn’t lie.

My grandma didn’t lie. My grandma didn’t lie.


Well I tried to find my mother, I didn’t know my brother

Or kin, or family.

So I began to try to find the reasons why

I didn’t know the family tree.

So I went down south where it all began

To find my next of kin.

That’s when I found out what they were all about.

I found my family tree.



Got something on my mind I want to say.

Sorry that it happened that way.

Time brings a change after so many years.

Nothing remains the same.




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