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A brief message from Eugene Smiley


First let me say; I'm very glad you stopped by to visit I'm the person responsible for bringing K-City Records back to life. K-City Records Inc. was active back in the 1970s. After the disco period, we backed off and became idle until now. I'm retired now and I don't travel as much, so I now have the required time needed to devote to K-City Records Inc.

Some of the musicians in the Kansas City area have given me the title as a "Living Legend." Well, I don't claim to be a legend but I've had a wonderful music career that I'm happy with. I've been to a lot of places, played with a lot of blues and R&B artists and did a lot of great things.

You know, I would like to help young musicians and give them some pointers that might help them to be successful with their music. If there is anyone that may need some advice as to how to get from point A to point B, then contact me. Maybe I can help.

Leave me a message and I'll make sure to contact you.

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