Love Lifted Me Up

Eugene Smiley, Sr.
Eugene Smiley, Sr.


I wrote this song because of the story. So many of my friends has got into relationships for all the wrong reasons. They ended up hating each other, don't want to be around each other and feeling they've been used. It's hard to say who is right or who is wrong because at the beginning of the relationship, each was getting what they wanted. But, let's face it, when it's going nowhere, what's the point and who's to blame? Do the math, "Nothing from nothing leaves nothing."

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Love lifted me up

I want to tell you a story. Tell you about my love affair. I fell in love with this girl on mine but in her heart she just didn't care. Now I though we could make it. I just knew we would be all right. But later on something happen. Cause all she wants to do is fuss and fight.


Love lifted me up - and then it bought me down. Love lifted me up - and then it bought me down.

We went out together, laughing and having fun. Now that's the way a love should be, but instead she was playing on me. At first I was so happy, so blind, I couldn't see. But I was so broken hearted when I found out what she was doing to me.

I want to tell you a story, tell you bout my love affair. I fell in love with this girl of mine, but in


Now you've heard my story, talking bout my love affair. The girl turned her back on me, and now I just don't care. Time brings so many changes, time will let you know. Forget about that woman and now I think it's time to go.


I tried to be a good man doing everything I can. I even gave her a diamond ring and ask her to marry me. After that we fell apart. Love broke my heart. Holding back the tears in my eyes because a man ain't suppose to cry.



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