Wave Your Hand

Eugene Smiley Sr.
Eugene Smiley Sr.


This is a fun song. When election time comes around, the main topic seems to be "Vote for Me!" Since I've gotten older, I'm kind of particular as to who I want in office. Issues like, what is best for the working class in this country. We seem to vote for an individual with certain ideas, and these ideas get pushed under the table for some reason. My question is: How long will politicians overlook the needs of the American people as a whole? Surely, they are smart enough to understand we put them in office to give America a better future and not to grease the rich man's pockets.


Wave Your Hand


Everybody’s talking about the problems of the world,

But they fail to see they voted for a man with a master plan

 That put a hurting on you and me.

People keep talking about things they don’t know about

And they read the news

They didn’t even know the man that they voted for

And now he’s got ’em singing the blues.


Stand, wave your hand,

Stand, it’s time for you to make a stand.


Democrats, Republicans don’t get along and they don’t agree.

They do a whole lot of talking but they aren’t doing nothing;

 But destroying the economy.

People everywhere around the world

 See the damage that they have done.

Talking about how they can save the world

Now, you can see where they’re coming from.


Politicians over here, spending money over there

On a war that we don’t need.

We got a war going on right here in this house

Called poverty.

People need to think about the coming resurrection

Cause the world is filled with sin.

It makes no difference who rules the world

‘Cause the world’s coming to an end.


Come on people, stand up and wave your hand.

Everybody come together and wave your hand.

Ayah- ha, wave your hand.

All you got to do is stand up, come on people,

wave your hand, let me know you understand.

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