Midnight Run

Eugene Smiley Sr.
Eugene Smiley Sr.


A long time ago I lived in Mississippi. We lived on the other side of the tracks. Everybody that I knew, lived on the other side of the tracks. I remember late at night, every night, somewhere around midnight, there was the sound of the train with a very loud horn coming down the railroad tracks. It was "The Illinois Central" that ran less than two blocks from our house. These tracks separated the little town. Half on the east side which was the black neighborhood and the west side was white. This train was coming from New Orleans headed to Chicago. The melody in this song reminds me of that time period in my life. A moment in time, I will never forget. There were freight trains also that had smoke coming from the engines; and on these freight trains it was said that traveling musicians would jump aboard and hitch a ride to Memphis or Chicago. I guess I was too young to really know. This is what I was told as I was growing up. Hummm!



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