Lost Tribe

Eugene Smiley Sr.
Eugene Smiley Sr.


This song was created in remembrance of the struggles my Native American friends and fans, who lived on a reservation in Topeka, KS has endured. This song is dedicated to all Native Americans who have had to live through the unfairness of the government. It is true and unfair to the Indian Nation the way history has been written; how land was actually taken from the Indians and; how they were forced to live in such indescribable conditions on selected patches of land called "The Reservation." What's up with that? Sounds like "The Great American Greed" but that's nothing new.

Taking advantage of others is an unfairness the shadows this world today. It is guided by a mentality, “It's my world. Be thankful that I allow all you other people to live in it...” That is, if all are considered people. How embarrassing this looks on the part of our government. Has times changed? NO. How long will it continue? It will last as long as the American public allows this kind of treatment from our government. It's time for change. No. 1, God created all men equal. Do they really believe that? Their actions tell the truth. This is an example of people being undermined and taken advantage of and nobody has the right to object or bring these issues to the table for change. How long must they suffer?


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