This Time I Got The Blues - The BWB Show Band


This CD was recorded in 1994 but was not released until year 2010. The CD was released at a later time because the band leader, Mayfield Towns, passed away in 1994, leaving our band in great sorrow and grief. Now that the death is a part of our past and the grief is less painful, Eugene decided to release this CD in honor of Mayfield and the memories the BWB Show Band shared. There are so many memories of the good times the band had, playing the music that Mayfield and Eugene created. Mayfield, Reggie, Calvin, and Jeff were scholars. The band did wonderful things together.

The BWB Show Band held fund raisers in order to make contributions to the schools in Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS under a program which the band named "Blues in the Schools."  This Program continues today under the direction of the Kansas City Blues Society.

The purpose of the "Blues in the Schools" project was and still remains an important enterprise in the community that provides for the musical education of Kansas City area students, raise funds, make contributions of instruments and donations to the schools for kids who could not afford to buy instruments. This program continues and the music and musician's on this CD made it all possible. This CD will be a worthwhile addition to your music library.

Blues CD

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