The Fabulous Derby's


Thomas Gadson better known as 'Tutty" and

James Gadson, better known as "Gat" 

The history of Rhythm and Blues in Kansas City goes as far back as the late 50's. In the early 60's, two young and talented brothers, James and Tutty Gatson formed an R&B band and named it "The Derbys". The Derby's soon became a household name in Kansas City and very quickly became the top number one band in the Midwest area. This band was creative; with their own ideas and had visions far beyond the expectations of the local media and they went on to become the first band to create and perform before both black and white audiences. America's Best Attractions, (a booking agency) noticed the success the band was having and began booking them all over the country.

The Derby's presented shows like "The Battle of The Groups" which was an annual event, "The Ebany Revue", "A Shower of Stars", "Boys Will Be Girls" and Talent Night at O G's Lounge - one of the more popular black nightclubs in the Kansas City area.

This band helped numerous groups succeed in their careers and created an avenue which made it possible for talented individuals to further their careers in music. Miss Marva Whitney, "The Queen Of Funk" doing "It's My Thing;” The Chandeliers doing "You're Blue Berry Sweet;" The Bloodstones with “Natural High” and many other hits, The Carpets doing "I Just Can't Win", The Visitors with a double-sided hit, "Until You Came Along" and "I'm In Danger". And these talented musicians continued this tradition by helping young and upcoming talent in the area like Clyde, Them and Her, The Third Movement, The Resurrection, The Essence Of Love, Unidos, The Soul Sensations and many others.

Some of these musicians are no longer with us, but their music is still here and will never die. We will keep their music on the airways and those of us who have contributed to this effort and helped in creating this R&B music scene know the real history and can relate to this period as well as to the new generation, and the new sound they are creating.

This is a message to the New and Upcoming Artist:

We will continue to focus on the younger talent and give them the support needed to climb the ladder of success. Internet Radio Station “HOT JAMZ 24/7 KCRI at" supports and plays unsigned artists both local and national. New artist should contact: HOT JAMZ 24/7 KCRI is privately own and is dedicated to new and upcoming talent that will create the music scene of tomorrow. If you think you got the talent, #1. Make contact with us, #2. Send in your best songs, no more than 3 songs, and #3. Make sure you have copyrights to you songs. Good Luck and stay focused.


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