Rare Soul Music Collection - "I Want You to Marry Me"

 Rare Soul Music Collection/Marry Me - 45 Vinyl Record




“I Want You To Marry Me” was written and arranged By Keith Montgomery in 1978. It is one of his best songs recorded on the K-City Records label. This song was specifically written for those lovers who had matrimony on their mind. The arrangement was meticulously designed to captivate both Jazz and R&B music lovers. This is one of the nation’s greatest R&B and Jazz flavored songs ever recorded and produced out of the Midwest area.

   ~ ~ Overture ~ ~

 Many are calling the world’s decade of fleeting matrimonies “The Era of Divorce.” And it is a well-known fact that marriages the past 10-15 years in a very large percentage have been "brief." The Creator on the other hand intended for two people to come together in a loving relationship, which would last forever -- until death do us part. To bring back the real meaning of matrimony, Keith and Eugene created this great song purposefully aimed at catching the attention of people in love; focusing on providing them with a musical background that would inspire and motivate the two into the procession of proposal and wedlock.


“I Want You To Marry Me” was written with the idea of lovers young and old joining together as one in marriage to form a solid and lasting foundation. Here, you will find a timeless romance story that echoes to the hearts of those in love today. Its arrangement and lyrics express how love was and how it can be.


Keith and Eugene came together and created this indispensable melody intended to catch the interest of people in love or falling in love. “I Want You To Marry Me” reminds our hearts of ignited romance and the pleasures found in courtship. This piece will inspire lovers to converge with their intended and give those more timid to pop the question. So, look no further! “I Want You To Marry Me” is the perfect ballad to play in the background as you are about to propose to that special one and again, as part of your ceremonial wedding procession! And for those of you who have already “jumped the broom,” true love never dies! Allow this romantic piece to take the two of you back to that picture-perfect moment in time when he asked and you said yes! “I Want You To Marry Me” is a beautiful and authentic love ballad.


When we turn back the hands of time, the true meaning of marriage has been ill-treated and misused. This song however was written to encourage those who are seeking more from their relationships to focus on the true meaning of marriage - as it was intended and in perspective of our Creator. True love never dies. It will last forever.



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