People Are Talkin CD - James Gilbert


After a great recording session and production

the Creation of

People Are Talkin


This is a great CD featuring one of Kansas City's most innovative, young and promising artististic talents, "Mr. James Gilbert." James is the son of the legendary Blues Artist and Guitarist, "Mr. Mellage Gilbert."

James has a unique style of his own that is much different than his dad's. He is one of Kansas City's finest new artists making appearances on the Blues horizon. We are looking forward to hearing great music from this young, talented artist and musician as he reaches out to Blues lovers with a natural feel for the Blues.

This CD is well organized. It has music for everyone. There is the drinking blues, lonely blues, fun blues, dance blues, several blues stories about true-life experiences and it is recorded with real instruments. This CD is very interesting to listen to. Check it out; I'm sure you'll love it. There is no better Blues CD out here today. Buy this CD. 



People Are Talkin

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