Legends CD - Eugene Smiley Sr.

Legends CD - Eugene Smiley Sr.




This CD is Blues mixed with R&B. Great for parties, dancing and Blues lovers. There are some very touching love songs, as well as down home blues. I've had some DJ's say the CD has the Chicago flavor. These are some of my fun creations. I have been around a long time and I’ve done a lot of living; I've learned music styling from some of the bes, andt; I love to write songs that tell stories that we can relate to. In other words, what I hear and feel each day that I live reaches to and reflect through how I write my songs and arrange the music. As we go through life, each day that goes by, there's something new that happens; some new stories and some old expressed in a new way. Some of these stories are worth writing songs about. If the story is good, then the song is good. The songs on this CD, in many cases are written from stories that have happened to me. They grouped themselves together to become a great CD. When you buy this CD, I think you'll listen to it quite often, and you may even share some of the same stories.


Eugene Smiley, Sr.: Legends




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Legends CD

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