Best Singles - Rare Collection


Eugene Smiley, Sr. and Various Groups, R & B & Blues


Eugene Smiley

Brunswick Records

This is some of the music that I recorded back in the day with a few of my favorite friends. This music will always have an impact in my life which will stay with me for as long as I live.

When I think back, I remember the days we came together to record these songs. Each song has a story behind it. My most recent group, The Bluesmen just recorded "Too Late ," a new version of "Stone Cold" and Bob Dylan's "Serve Somebody." These sessions were fun, exciting and most of all, satisfying for all of us. The individuals used to lay down the music tracks are some of Kansas City's finest and most talented song writers and musicians. We go a long way back. It is great to still be alive and share our music today.

Enjoy these tracks;

Eugene Smiley, Sr.




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